What we do

Since 2008 LawsonCS has been delivery high quality software and IT solutions.

We have experience across a myriad of different industries such as manufacturing, automation, healthcare, banking, e-commerce, research, academia, and gaming.

No matter what your need, if it has an On/Off switch and runs on 1s and 0s, we can help. Whether it is as simple as standing up a new blog or company website, commissioning new computers and servers for you office, custom app development for desktops, mobile, or in the cloud we have the experts to help.

  • Managed Services

    Let us handle you IT from end to end.

  • Engineering

    Let us augment your engineering resources or create your next project

  • Design

    We will help design and architect the solutions you need

  • Infrastructure

    We will set up all your infrastructure needs

  • Cloud

    Let us define and implement your cloud strategy

  • Consulting

    We can help find where technology makes sense for your business as well as provide a roadmap for how to get there.