Engineering and development

Engineers, developers, programmers - whatever you want to call them, sometimes you need an extra hand getting your software project done.

Even the best laid plans can use an extra set of hands now and then.

Wether you need a front end or back end developer, someone to make sure you app gets into production, or maybe someone to help make sense of all your data. We can augment at any step in the process to make sure your projects get delivered on time.

Front End

DotNet, angular, react, html5, or any other flavor of the day front end, we will help churn out screens to get your project over the finish line.

Back End

C#, Java, python, javascript, whatever the language, we can augment your backend engineers to make sure your meticulously laid out front end 'just works'.


So your project is ready to go but you need help setting up the depoloyment pipeline to make it out into production correctly, every time.

Data Science

Got Data? We can help analyse, interpret, dashboard, and build reports on it so you know exacty what your data is trying to tell you.


SQL or NoSQL, file stores, memory stores, where ever your data lives, we can help corale your data.


You have data, you have samples, you have a goal. Let us help you build a futuristic AI model to accomplish your vision.