Infrastructure consulting

No way around it, you have to have some infrastructure, no matter what size company you run

Workstations and office spaces

A company needs computers, monitors, internet.

Don't get caught up buying the cheapest hardware or whatever is being hyped in a store. We can help choose the best hardware, set up your topology, and make sure all your equipment 'just works' everyday.

Infrastructure doesn't stop at just buying your initial hardware. Ongoing support, replacement, and expansion are equally as important. If you already had a shop set up, we can help keep it running and make improvments to keep your business at the top of its game.


Email, file shares, company apps...sometimes you just need a server or two.

Small and large companies alike need servers. Sometimes these are better in the office than in the cloud but don't just buy hand-me-down servers and throw them in a closet.

We have experience in small, medium, and large scale server groups. From networking, provisioning, monitoring, and support, let us plan what your on premise server situation should look like.


Your infrastructure needs to be secure, regardless if it's one computer or a hundred

From firewalls, email/phising protection, VPNs, multifactor authentication, password managers. There are a lot of things your company need to stay safe.

Whether the concern is PII, PHI, PCI, or just your employees and your assets, let us put together a comprehensive security plan that can keep it all safe.