Managed services

You need a solution - not a project

Don't waste your time maintaining and administring servers and software to keep your business running

We know your business needs software to work. If you don't want to spend any time thinking about how your email works, where your files are stored, how your website works or where it's hosted. Let us run your Managed Services for you and never lose sleep over your critical business software again.

Internal Wikis

Need a way for your employees to collaborate and share knowledge? Let us manage an wiki instance for you, and watch productvity soar.

Wordpress Blog

You want to reach out to your customers and give them all the juicy news of what is happening with your company. You need a blog! Let us set and manage your blog instance, and all you will have to worry about are making great posts.


You need files, your business partners need files, an FTP is the tried and true way to make it happen. Let us set up and manage your FTP solution, so all your needs are just a download away.

Web Hosting

You can't do business without a website any more. Whether you have one ready or want us to build one, let us host and manage your site, and never worry about a 3am phone call about an outage.


Don't run you email off a closet server. Google, Office365, or private email. Let us manage it for you.


If you have a software you rely on, ask us about it and we will see what kind of Managed Service we can find for you.