Consulting business and technology

How does technology fit in your business? How can technology improve your bussiness?

Provision and Upgrade your existing technology

Whatever your technological footprint today - let us make a roadmap for your future

It's hard to know what you need and it's hard to know when to grow. That's true for employees, for supplies, and it's certainly true for the technology you use to power your business. We sit down with you to discover what you're doing, how you're working, and how we can inject technology to make it happen more easily.

If you already have some bits of tech helping you out, we can provide a roadmap for upgrading to keep pace with your bussiness.

Proofs of Concepts and R&D

You have the idea and need help getting to market

You have a vision for what you want to deliver, you have the requirements, consumer input, and investment in the idea. Let us help get an MVP in front of users and potential investors to get you're project moving forward fast.

Afraid your idea is too far outside the box? If we don't have experience with it yet, we can do the Research and Development needed to show you're idea can work.

Build your in house IT department

Small, medium, large business - we know how best to set up and build out your IT team

Whether you need IT support desk, a team of developers, a telephony team, or system admins, we know how to build a rockstar team that will work hard and stick around.

In todays world, IT skills are in demand. Employees have high expectations of employers and get antsy easily. From organization structure, benefits and pay, prcoesses and policies, hiring and interviewing, and everything in between. We know what makes a great team, and we can install one for you.