Cloud consulting

Don't let trust your company and software to servers running in basement or a closet - get to the cloud!

Why the cloud?

Cloud providers such as google, amazon, and microsoft azure have been reinventing the notion of infrastructure and hosting.

Businesses no longer want to buy, house, maintain, and administer servers. Don't get bogged down in hardware and wires, we are experienced with all 3 major cloud providers (along with more traditional hosting options like DigitalOcean and Dreamhost). The cloud will guarentee your software and your technology needs are available when and where you need them.

The cloud means faster results and less people

Whether you are looking to develop new software or just manage the technology needs of your organization, offloading to the cloud means getting results faster. Not only does the cloud mean faster results, it means doing it with fewer dedicated personnel. So regardless if you we do it for you or you do it yourself, the cloud makes it easier.


If you already have existing software and infrasture - we can help get everything in the cloud. We can help you pick the right cloud provider for your use case.

Cloud Native

If you haven't set up company infrastrure or released your new app, do it in the cloud first. Going cloud first will mean getting started sooner, test out new ideas more easily, and getting customer faster. Let us help you plan out and execute your cloud first strategy.


Someimtes you need the best of both worlds and we will bring them both to you. If you want one foot in each, let us help craft and implement a hybrid solution that works best for your business.