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Welcome to LawsonCS

About us:

LawsonCS was created for one simple purpose, to provide high quality computer services to as many people as possible. Regardless if it is an individual client or a large company, we can offer an appropriate custom solution.

For individuals we offer the same solutions found at most electronic boutiques and large chain stores, but for a fraction of the cost and with a much more personal touch. If you need data backups, PC set ups, electronic diagnostics, or any help or information regarding anything with an on/off switch, we are here to help. We also offer a unique service to make it possible for anyone to get a cusome made program, without having to fund the entire development process.

For larger organizations that need assistance, we provide a wide range of professional options. From code design and development, installation and deployment, and all IT related needs are available.

In a time of geeks and geniuses, it's nice to be able to rely on actual professionals.



Nicholaus Lawson - Received his Bachelors and Masters degress of Computer Engineering and Computer Science and a graduate certificate in network security from the ABET accredited engineering school at the University of Louisville. He is currently working towards a PhD in computer science and works as a graduate research assistant and contract programmer. Previously, he worked as a software engineer for a systems automation company. Primary responsibilities included software design and development, system debugging, meeting with customers and internal/customer testing groups, and directing other engineers day-to-day work.

As a continuing effort to share information about on going projects and research, he also maintains a blog as a part of this website located at