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Network/peripheral setup

Home networks are becoming the norm and it can be a bit daunting to set up properly, especially over a large home. Multiple routers can cause intermittent problems that are difficult to fix, but are often necessary for homes with a lot of devices. Router choice and placement in the house are also are also something that needs to be considered carefully, placing a router in the far corner of a home can limit the ability of people to connect to it. Home set up of a router includes making sure your equipment connect to the router and access the internet.

Other peripheral devices are often necessary to make your home office run more smoothly, and we will come and help set those up for you as well as show you how to use your new toy.

Help picking out a peripheral that is appropriate for your home (up to an hour) - $25
Ordering a peripheral - 10% over cost
Home Setup - $50 for on site work within 30 miles, additional $0.75/mile over, will confirm location and price with quote.