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Personal Website

If you are interested in a personal website, we can offer several different options that will satisfy the needs of all of our customers. We offer website templates, pre-constructed content management systems, full custom sites, blogs, photo galleries, etc. If you're not sure what the best way is to showcase your ideas, we can help with that. We also offer hosting options and domain name registration for customers, often at a discounted rate for options such as blogs, content management systems, or other sites that do not require access to a webserver.

Pricing for websites are generally quoted by hour, but there are several options below that will offer discounts:
Pre-constructed blog (such as Wordpress) 2hr setup - $50;
Pre-constructed content management system (such as phpnuke, drupal, etc) 2hr setup - $50;
Construct website template 10hr - $200;
Fully customized web design 10hr - $250;
Static web pages not requiring dynamic content or database integration $50/page, larger sites will be discounted

Domain name registration with our choice of providers - $15/year
Website hosting with us (availability varies and depends on site type) - $5/month
Website hoting with our choice of provider - $10/month with upgrades available and discounts available for long term hosting