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Personal shopper

Do you need get a new computer for a student in the family? Want a new camera for an upcoming event or vactaion? Just running out of time to pick up some tech items for the holidays? There is a lot to know about all of these, there are even more choices and it gets confusing incredibly quickly. Take advantage of our expertise and resources. We know it is easy to head to the nearest store and just pick up that new tech item. Don't rush into the purchase and make a decision you'll regret. Let us help you get exactly what you need at the lowest price possible.

The personal shopper service can be very unique, with constant updates and choices or the upfront order and a quick call to inform you of the arrival time of the product(s) and anything in between. Most customers will enjoy an initial meeting where requirements are discussed and at least one follow up that presents the options at that time, and a final contact to detail what we believe the best decision is and to finalize the order. With that in mind, our pricing structure looks like this:

The research and meeting should take less than a week, and in most cases a purchase can be made 1-3 days after the initial meeting. Of course, large or complex orders would take longer, and time frames would be discussed in the requirement meeting. For orders that consist of 1-5 items, any additional meetings than outlined above will cost additional. Larger orders that require more communication can be discussed, a general rule of thumb is 1-5 items is up to 2 calls for updates, 1 additional call for 5-10, etc.