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Data backup/recovery

PCs today have all of the information we value. Music, movies, photos, bank statements, check book registries, resumes, automated save files from programs we use everyday. Sometimes though, we realize we need to back up all of this data. Maybe you are getting a new computer and want to ensure all of your data is backed up and can be transfered over easily. Perhaps your machine needs to be restored to the way it was when you first bought it, but you need to save your data off to ensure it isn't lost. What if it's worse than that, what if you go to turn you PC on and get nothing, you decide you don't want to fix it because you want one of the shiny new machines from the store (or a custom built PC from us!) but you need your data. No problem, we will back up all your important files at your direction. You tell us what programs you want backed up, and any special files that you know of beside the normal locations (My Document, My Music, etc).

Backup process (4 hours of work) - $100
DVD to store data to (may require multiple disks to complete backup) - $10
alternative - USB thumbdrive to store data to (may require multiple drives to complete backup) - $20
alternative - Spare harddrive to store data to - 10% over cost
Additional hour due to excessive data/finding additional locations - $30