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Hardware install/update

Computers get outdated, usually by the time you get that brand new machine home from the store, there is a new part out to make it a little bit better. Even if you are not interested in having the most up to the date computer among your friends, small upgrades such as RAM, harddrives, video cards, etc can extend the life of your computer for years. If your major complaint is your computer doesn't run as fast as it used to, adding RAM can make sure it won't slow down no matter what you throw at it. Maybe you've downloaded too many songs and movies, theres no need to get another machine, a larger harddrive will do the trick and will cost a lot less than a whole new machine. What about computer games, maybe that new game came out and it just doesn't look as nice as it used to. If you're tired of seeing pixelated video, flat graphics, and blurry/jagged lines, upgrade to a new video card and turn the details up to "ultimate". And the best part of all of this? It's cheap and you don't have to reinstall all of your programs, transfer files, or re-enter your info to your favorite websites.

We will install your new hardware, download the latest drivers, and put your machine through some stress tests to ensure the new hardware is working correctly. If your unsure of what you need, we will talk with you, help make a decision, and even purchase the part for you while making sure you get a better price than you would at a brick and mortar electronics store. The pricing below reflects installing a single component type, so installing 2 graphics cards count as only 1 component! 4 new sticks of RAM, only 1 component! However, 2 new graphics cards and 4 sticks of RAM, we have to count that as 2 seperate components.

Hardware install (per component)- $100
Consulting for hardware choice (per component) - $25
Purchasing hardware - 10% over cost