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Data backup/recovery

Data back up and recovery is an essential part of the flashing process, aside from that, few people often want to fully back up their phones. However, if you are wanting to tinker on it or maybe you are sending your phone in for replacement, we can do varying degrees of backup. If your phone is rooted, we can back up all applications and their current state, along with all your data. If it is not rooted, we will get what we can off it and give you the back up medium or put it onto your new phone when you get it.

Backup process (2 hours of work) - $50
Root device - $10
DVD to store data to (may require multiple disks to complete backup) - $10
Alternative - USB thumbdrive to store data to (may require multiple drives to complete backup) - $20
Alternative - Restore data to a new phone that is provided - $10
Additional hour due to excessive data - $30