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Initial setup

Cell phones are just as complex as computers now, and they are continuing to become more sophisticated. They come with a lot of programs that you don't really want, and are lacking programs that you are going to need at some point and time. We will take your phone, disable some of the annoying free apps that you don't want, give you recommendations for essential apps and install them for you. We will even show you the ropes with your new phone if you're unfamiliar with your new purchase. We will also root your device and add essential apps that require root. Rooting allows your phone to have access to features and functions that it normally would not, and it allows the phone to run additional applications. This option isn't for everyone, it may void your warranty, cause some stock programs to not work correctly, or work perfectly and give you the ability to do things like tether to your laptop or tablet for wireless internet.

Initial setup WITHOUT rooting- $40
Initial setup WITH Rooting - $50
Root only - $20